Dangerous Hate


I am not entirely certain whether I should be panicking or not. I guess there is no point in panicking yet as the elections are not even through, but the fact that we have a guy who has been compared to Hitler getting so close to being elected, is not a trivial matter!

Now, we have to be cautious here. Eight years ago, Obama was being tagged as the antichrist and we all know nothing bad actually happened. That could of course be because there is no (an never will be an) antichrist and fearing such a creature would be similar to fearing the Big Bad Wolf.

Nonetheless, Obama was feared to be one of the most cataclysmic presidents in the history of the human race, and truly, what happened? Obamacare? Is that it? Man, if that’s Armageddon, bring it on!

I know there is plenty of people that hate Obama to the core and they consider the poor guy an horrendous human being when in reality all I have to do is compare him with Hitler to see Obama was yet another president. And I think every single president has been hated by whoever decided to hate him.

And whatever president happens to get elected this upcoming Tuesday November 8, 2016 will also be hated. And will also be loved! By how many, though… And by who? Key questions!

What I am hoping for is that if Trump does win and goes crazy, the country will not let him become a fearsome dictator. If we do let him win, it is crucial we remember this!

Because it is very easy to say “What the heck man! How on Earth can that happen today and in the US, no less??? You are crazy!”

But something tells me this is history repeating itself and that is precisely what the Germans said in the 1930’s…

Careful, Americans! If we are not careful, soon it may be time to truly make America Great Again!

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