The future is bleak… All the work we had done to eradicate bullying from our nation, you can consider it obliterated. The problem is that when you have a role model like Trump, clearly all of the bullies out there will find they have not only an inspiration to go after, but the permission to pursue their nasty little dreams.

It is already in the news. People being deplorable human beings to others just because “Hey, if Trump can get away with it, so can I!”

Civility is like a plant or any other life form. You need to water it, nurture it and take care of it. It may take years to take a something as small as a seed and allow it to grow into a beautiful tree. But in seconds, this voluptuous tree can be destroyed as it succumbs to fire.

I only hope civilization can overcome this one! We might be headed into that particular moment Aliens will be asking about a few thousands years from now when they analyze our ruins and go “But what the heck happened here?”

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