Election Day 2016


Some day in the future (probably in August 27, 2117 like at 1:32 PM – not certain if it will be raining or not, though), a student somewhere in this planet will be wondering why was it that the elections of 2016 were considered to be so controversial. Although it is very possible that this is just the first of many more to come and even more controversial elections, in which case that same student will be asking “what was the author of comicups thinking when he wrote that post on November 8, 2016???”

In my defense, I am not alone. I think that in fact, my train of thought is as universal as the extent of the internet in our globe at the time of this century. In other words, if you have access to a computer connected to the net, chances are you are excitedly (as well as panickly) waiting to see what the heck happens today.

The entire planet is waiting for the result of our election. Because it may be that some people no longer think we are the first power on the world as we used to be. But whereas that is the truth or not, a power we remain. And whatever we do, tilts the axis of this planet. Or I should say, it tilts the axis of the human race. As it turns out, you do not need to be the first power to cause this reaction. Just being one of the first three seems to have the same effect.

And so today the people of the US will choose what the next 4 years will represent to the great extent of the human race. If you are voting, no pressure! Because it is not like this problem has a solution. The next four years are expected to be either bad or really bad. But I think the consensus is that we are hosed. Albeit the actual adverb mostly utilized starts with the letter “F”…

Happy Election Day! And may the┬ánext FOUR be with us…

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