It’s done. Our next President will be Mr. Donald Trump. Although I haven’t had a chance to watch his acceptance speech in its entirety, it apparently was much more civilized than his past year long spectacle. Clinton and Obama have also conceded defeat graciously.

While all of this transpires, my Facebook feed looks so gloomy, the only plausible question is “How the hell did this happen?” If a fascinatingly large amount of people thinks Trump was an aberration of an individual to become president, how on Earth was he elected?

I think probably the most plausible explanation, in numerical terms, is that most republicans voted for the republican ideals and the party, not necessarily for Mr. Trump. Of course, then there is the fact that a ridiculous amount of people voted to keep the Clinton Dynasty out of the white house.

Not certain if that makes it better…

Whatever the case, the darkness seems to be prevalent. Some people have tried to rationalize how we should be positive. That might as well be our only hope at sanity, as nobody expects that this is going to be an amazing turn of events where all American’s lives are propelled through the roof in progress and harmonious peace. I think this is one of those cases where we need to re-break the bone so that it can heal in the “right” fashion.

And maybe that is what all of this is about. A few ligament tearing here and there, which when healed will leave us in a better position. And what is this soul drenching weight we are feeling in the pit of our chest? Well, what did you expect? We are talking about ligament tearing here! Of course it’s going to hurt like hell! Let’s hope it doesn’t get infected though…

The problem is that Mr. Trump never gave us a vision of greatness we could feel fantastic about. What he showed us was that he can be quite the bully and a fairly successful A-Hole. Without a mighty plan, might I add…

Now, it is possible this was just a show he was putting on to get the crown. You know, like when boxers meet a couple of days before the match. It looks like they are going to tear each other apart, but this is just part of the “fun”. It is even possible in real life some of these contenders are actually buddies!

And considering we have elected (once again) a “TV Star” (albeit we should probably agree to converge on plain old “celebrity”), chances are that showmanship is what he does best. Hey, it was all a show. We are good! Right?

I don’t even know what to say. In the upcoming months Trump will need to show us that he too can be a decent human being. And it will take some serious convincing because during the last year, that is far from what he portrayed.

Right now there is fear and lots of anxiety. Sure, the president is only one guy and a single cog within the complex machinery that is the government. But he is kind of an important one!

What happens next? Many have been asking the question. I think it is pretty certain the Saturday Night People will be able to write skits without much of an effort. How about everybody else? Nope! We will need to work our asses off! Even more when it is pretty evident the economy will most likely get into a recession soon.

Save all you can now! If today feels dark, it might be because it will soon be VERY rainy…

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