Did We?


For an entire year we have been wondering how is it possible that a man like Donald Trump was doing so well in the election process. At first we were certain he wasn’t going to last long. How could he? He was an aberration, right? But somehow he prevailed…

Back on those days, my republican friends would tell me that it was because of the “uneducated”. But they were ganging up on the guy and for sure his race would be over soon! We all now know how well that ended…

I do not remember exactly when it was that we started theorizing how the movie Idiocracy was on its path to becoming true. But I guess it doesn’t matter because now it is pretty evident we are actually characters within the blasted film! If you haven’t watched Idiocracy, you should. It will show you how it seems the human race is heading to a dark path where moronicity trumps intelligence. The premise is quite compelling, so needless to say I truly hope it never is the case…

It is very easy to see that it was dumbness what made America elect such an aberration of a fellow. I mean, don’t take me wrong. As a reality TV celebrity I think Trump does a great job! I watched a couple episodes of The Apprentice and must admit they were entertaining like heck. We were all wanting to see who was getting FIRED on a weekly basis. But there is a dinky little difference, I don’t know, like maybe a couple billion light-years worth, between being a reality TV celebrity and the President of one of the most powerful nations on this planet!

So right there it tells you! Some people watched Trump on his mesmerizing performance in a TV show and somehow reached the conclusion that “Hey! Look at how this guy fires people every week! If he could only run for president…”

How about Sponge Bob? Heck the little yellow sponge cartoon is hilarious! Clearly 4 years of his presidency should be fantastic! Right?

Nobody expected Trump to win because it didn’t make sense. I am certain we will be decoding this mess for eons!

But you know what? I am done with this election. It is time to heal so although I have a bunch of jokes pending, I may drop them and move on to something else.

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