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Like I said in my previous posts, it is time to forget about the elections and whatever we may think will happen. Clearly we were wrong in the outcome of the election so chances are we will also be wrong on what is to follow. Maybe Trump is a super amazingly brilliant president which completely obliterates all possibilities of chance and happenstance. Although we pretty much know the Republicans will say he was awesome while the democrats will say he was one of the worst. Just like Obama, but with the opposite parties in the previous sentence.

So what do I think the future holds for us? How could I know? All I can tell you that for sure in less than 2 weeks is Black Friday. The day when we get the best deals eeeeeeever! Except that we really don’t. Because Black Friday was awesome a few years ago, but recently it has become quite the piece of crap.

It now starts way earlier than Friday. Heck! Last I heard some stores are already on Black Friday! Doesn’t sound neither blackish nor Fridayish, doesn’t it? The fun of this madness is that ONLY during Black Friday you get the discounts. Not the whole month! Cheaters…

Plus prices are not what they used to be. I remember those days when I could buy all sorts of stuff with, really, not that much money. I mean, I would spend a lot, but for all practical purposes I would have had to spend twice as much. I think the last year when I was able to live that illusion was 2008. After that, it has been junkier and junkier. Not expecting this year to be any better, but rest assured this is not our political system’s fault.

On another note, and also coming up, is a new Star Wars movie! Titled Rogue One and hitting theaters in December 16, 2016, it promises to be yet another event to look for! Now, I don’t think this movie is being expected to be the mega block buster of all humanity. I mean, Episode VII was a life violator kind of event. Oh yes, you read well! Life Violator! And if you are one of those (like me) who had been waiting for way much more than 30 years for Episode VII to reach the light, you will agree December 18, 2015 was not just another day. And the movie did well (quite well, actually) so a good bunch of us Star Wars lovers were quite satisfied.

As opposed to when Episode I was released which felt like a merge between a dentist’s appointment and an intrusive┬ámale gonad study…

Pretty much everybody realizes that Rogue One has no way of causing the same effect as The Force Awakens. I mean, come on. We waited 33 blasted years for Episode VII!!!! That is 33 times more than we have to wait to see a new Star Wars movie. Truly impossible to generate that much furor.

So, to be honest, all I am hoping for is that it is good and enjoyable. It is from Disney, so I remain hopeful that they will do a magnificent job.

And then there is the Holidays. They are right here! Yes, I know that officially the Holidays doesn’t start until Thanks Giving. But if Black Friday can start in October and you can pretty much start buying Christmas ornaments at the same time you can buy a Halloween costume, it is pretty much evident that the Holidays are already here!

Lots of cool stuff ahead of us! Enjoy!


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