When Will We Accept?


I think it was kind of expected. If a guy who uses continuous racist attacks in a completely public fashion, gets to become the President of The United States, rest assured all of those racist bastards out there, who have been holding their hate compressed within their chest, will most likely blow up and make a mess of things.

Walls have been painted, people pushed and harassed. Why is this happening? Why are there so many hateful things being said and done?

The #1 excuse is that Donald Trump won the election, but as I ponder on this, I find it hard to believe this is the root cause. Come on! These hateful people were hateful long before Mr. Trump even came into the scene. They may have exploded once the election was over, but this racism has been cooking for quite a while!

In a way, I am glad all of this racism has surfaced in a public manner. Because before all of this ordeal, I think the populace was of the idea that whoever felt racially mistreated was just being silly and most likely was suffering from low self esteem. I think it is pretty obvious now this is not a figment of our imagination…

Clearly we are facing a major problem with ignorance here. There are some individuals who are lacking some serious levels of civility.

I am going to be honest. I don’t like every single human being on this planet. There are some individuals who are just plain old annoying to me. I don’t wish them any harm, but I would rather not spend any time with them either. But if I do have to spend time with them, for whatever reason, I make it a point to do so with respect!

Clearly, some individuals out there will not follow the same easy guideline…

Come on, guys! We all know our rights end wherever everybody else’s commence. This should be common sense, right? Well, apparently not…

This is a tremendous opportunity for us, as human beings, to put an end to this nonsense once and for all. Since it is obvious that all of this hate, harassment, and bullying is taking place in our country, it is our responsibility now to address it!

Because it is not that we are Americans first. It is that we are HUMANS first!!! And we all deserve dignity, regardless of what other individuals, who just happen to look like us, may have done in the past.

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