Hate Groups

When Trump won the election back in 2016, I told my coworkers it was a sad day because now we would experience a dark US where being hateful, racist and a bigot was practically encouraged. People who voted for Trump seem reluctant to accept there is a connection between the guy and the immense wave of hate which has subdued our country. Yet here it is and every week we see more and more of it popping everywhere, with the Charlotte incident just being the latest horror to sadden our nation.

I want to say something, though. Trump did not create this hate. Impossible for a mere guy to generate so much negative energy. Oh no! He simply unleashed it. Which means the hate was already here.

But why? What the heck is going on? Because most of us say it would be so nice if we could get along, yet somehow a fairly decent sized group of people are failing miserably at getting along. Is it so hard? Apparently so…

I just watched a video of a KKK moron trying to explain that the Bible justifies him for hating blacks. Because after all, the Bible says “Love thy neighbor”, which he chose to interpret as only whites can be his neighbor! Blacks are not allowed. AMAZING!!! Granted that this guy looked like he had the IQ of a squashed banana (and I am so sorry for insulting bananas!).

There is some innate and internal fury brewing inside of people’s chest which is basically manifesting itself throughout these rallies. We can call them intolerance, bigotry, hatred, and all those names but the question remains. What is the root cause? Where does it frigging comes from??? Are we experiencing parallel events of evolution with systematically coupled devolution happening in unison? Are some of our human neighbors actual primates who by pure chance can talk? Maybe we are headed into a real Planet Of The Apes… Except the apes look nothing like chimpanzees, orangutans or gorillas. They look just like you and me!

I am positive the problem is supremely deep and I could be writing for years on the subject, so I will not go there. Not yet at least…

Hey, maybe things has been always equally twisted, we just have way better communication methods and learn about the twistedness in a much more readily fashion. Kind of makes me want to live in a bubble… Ah fantasy! Where are you when we need you???